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150 Grit Sand Screen Discs - (10) 14" x 20"

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Item Description:

Sand Screen - 14" x 20"

Sand screen is commonly used for removal or repair of coatings on wood or painted floor surfaces. An ideal application would be refinishing gym floors. They are also used for repair of painted floor surfaces. Sand screens are constructed with water-proof resins and silicon carbide abrasives on both sides of the screen. Open mesh construction resists loading.

Use a screen driver pad to prevent screen slippage and to maximize performance. Use with conventional or oscillating floor machines. Can use both sides of the Sand Screen either wet or dry.

  • 150 Grit
  • 1.0 mm
  • 14 x 20"

Product Care

Screens may be rinsed and reused to prolong sanding life. Rinsing the screens removes debris and build up in the screen, allowing for a clean cutting surface.

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