10 Quart Atlas Backpack Vacuum w/ Standard Tool Kit
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Atlas Backpack Vacuum w/ Standard Tool Kit - 10 Qt.

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Item Description:


EDIC 361AC Atlas Vacuum Standard Tool Kit

361AC Standard Tool Kit:

  • 2-Piece S-Bend Wand
  • Carpet Tool
  • Dust Brush
  • 5" Upholstery Tool
  • Slide-On Brush
  • Crevice Tool
  • Extension Tube

Atlas 6 Qt. Backpack Vacuum

The newly designed Atlas is light enough for anyone to handle! The ergonomically-designed chest and hip straps result in a comfortable fit for any sized operator. The unique airflow design makes this unit quieter than most, and the baffled exhaust goes out the back, away from the operator, for a higher level of comfort.

The Atlas comes with extraordinary Ultrastat 3-ply composite filter treated with an anti-microbial agent that provides exceptional airflow even when full, allowing for greater productivity. This bag is fitted with a durable plastic rim for an airtight seal around the top, and the seams are sonically welded. This results in higher dust retention and a longer filtration cycle.

Warranty: 5 years on parts & labor, lifetime on rotationally-molded housing.


  • Longer exhaust chamber and diffused exhaust air for quieter operation
  • Better filtration efficiancy, greater dust retention and longer useful life than micro filter bags
  • 3-position hip adjustment for wider or narrower hips
  • Ergonomically designed harness with multi-adjustable settings for optimum comfort
  • Light-weight - only 10.8 lbs
  • Hip-mounted switch results in easy on/off
  • Precision-molded cloth filter bag rim holds its shape to prevent collapsing inside the unit when the bag is full
  • Made in the USA
10 Qt.
Roto-molded polyethylene
25" H x 9" L x 9" W
4 stage
Power Cord:
50' Detachable
Thermally Protected:
5 Years parts & labor, lifetime on housing
Water Lift:
10.8 lbs

Product Literature

Would you like to have all the facts, lost your operator's manual, need to order the right parts, or just want to make sure you are maintaining your machine properly? UnoClean is here to help:

EDIC Atlas HEPA Backpack Vacuum EDIC Atlas HEPA Backpack Vacuum

Easy Maneuverability and User Comfort

The Atlas is lightweight enough for anyone to handle, and the ergonomically designed chest and hip straps provide a comfortable fit for any sized operator.

Hip Adjustment

The Atlas vacuum features a 3-position hip adjustment for wider or narrower hips for the backpack vacuum to sit more comfortably on hips.

Hip-Mounted Switch

The featured hip-mounted switch on the Atlas backpack vacuum offers easy on/off function.

EDIC Atlas HEPA Backpack Vacuum

Lightweight Back Pack Vacuum

The Atlas from EDIC is a lightweight backpack vacuum - only weighing 10 lbs with a large 10 quart capacity!

Standard Tool Kit

The included standard tool kit that comes with the Atlas backpack vacuum to tackle any routine cleaning job in the commercial environment.

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