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ZipWall ZipHook Clamping Tools & Hanging Hook - 40 lb. Capacity

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  • Manufacturer:ZipWall
  • Product Type:Dust Barrier/Temp. Wall Enclosure
  • Size:1 lbs., 40 lb. Capacity
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Item Description:

The new ZipHook™ is a handy accessory to help you keep things organized and off the floor. Just clamp one to a 12-foot or 20-foot SLP pole and you're ready to go. The ZipHook™ is a great way to keep tools, equipment and clothing off a dusty work site floor. Each ZipHook™ can support 40 lbs.

Use the ZipHook™ to keep cables and hose off the floor as required by code when doing renovations in hospitals or medical facilities.

If you're an electrician, the ZipHook™ is a great labor savor when wiring for new construction. Mount them to SLP poles and use these to hold wiring in position while you tie it into a distribution panel.

  • This hook easily clamps on to any section of the 12 foot SLP, all but the top section of the 10 foot ZipPole, and all but the bottom section of the 20 foot pole
  • This hook holds up to 40 lbs.
  • You can use multiple hooks on one pole

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