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ZipWall KT20 Dust Barrier Temporary Wall System 2 Pack 20' Poles
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ZipWall® 3070 Steel Frame Magnetic Door Kit

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  • Manufacturer:ZipWall
  • Product Type:Dust Barrier/Temp. Wall Enclosure
  • Size:3’ x 7′
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Item Description:

ZipWall® 3070 Steel Frame Magnetic Door Kit

This ZipWall® Steel Frame Magnetic Door™ provides a quick way to cover a standard 3’x7′ commercial door and keep dust contained during interior construction or restoration projects. It is self-closing, reusable and easily handles high traffic.

Installation is quick and easy with a snap with magnetic strips that attach the door panel to the steel frame. These powerful self-closing magnets provide the workers with easy, hands-free access to the job site and maintain the dust sea.

Includes one 7’2″ × 3’4″ door panel, four 40″ magnetic side strips, and one 41.5″ magnetic header strip.

  • Self-closing
  • Provides hands-free access to the jobsite
  • Quick & easy to set up
  • Magnetic strips quickly attach door panel to the steel doorframe
  • Pockets along the door panel keep magnetic strips secure
  • Flame retardant door panel features a clear plastic window and 10″×12.5″ clear pocket
  • Self-closing magnets are sewn-in
  • Can be used with positive or negative air
  • Reusable, durable, and easily handles high traffic

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