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Reliable [T1] Steamboy Steam Floor Mop with Carpet Glide RC-T1
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Steam Floor Mop w/ Carpet Glide - Steamboy 200CU

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  • Manufacturer:Reliable Corporation
  • Size:12" W x 50" H
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  • Product Type:Steam Cleaner

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Item Description:

Removes Dirt, Kills Bacteria & Germs

Steam is a great, effective way of removing dirt and killing bacteria and germs naturally. Steamboy delivers 248° F steam to floor and carpet surfaces, sanitizing as it cleans. Now you can say goodbye to expensive and potentially harmful chemicals.

Clean Your Floors, Protect Your Family

Imagine Cleaning your floors and carpets with the purity of simple H20 (water)! The dream is now a reality with the remarkable Steamboy steam floor mop. Plug it in, turn it on, and in seconds the Steamboy will change the way you clean.


  • Powerful 1500W heating element.
  • 11" Cleaning path with swivel head..
  • 3.3 Cups water capacity.
  • 30 minutes continuous steam.
  • Ergonomically designed handle.
  • 16' electrical cord with wrap around feature.
  • 2 microfiber cloth pads, 1 replaceable water filter.

Chemical-Free Cleaning

Since the only ingredient needed to use a steam cleaner is water, cleaning has never been more environmentally friendly. After all, does it really make sense to make a sandwich on a counter top that's been sprayed with poison? Not only will steam eliminate chemical residues in the home making it a safer place (especially for children and pets who practically live on the floor) but it also helps the environment by reducing the amount of chemicals that get washed down the drain and into the water supply.

Our Steam Cleaners Kill Bed Bugs

Steam treatment is a recommended method for eliminating bed bugs. Steam kills all stages of bed bugs without the use of chemicals. Sleeping on a surface that has been soaked in chemicals is not only unpleasant smelling but could pose potential health hazards.

Spend Less on Cleaning Supplies

Permanently eliminate the need for floor polisher, glass sparkler, oven cleaner, mold buster, tile blaster or the guy in the white t-shirt hanging around again. No need for those sweaty rubber gloves to protect from solvents. Owning a steam cleaner means owning one exceptional cleaning product for so many cleaning needs.

Hunt Down & Eliminate Harmful Pathogens & Allergens

Bacteria, viruses, mold, mildew and allergens are some of the more hazardous pathogens lurking around our homes. Some allergic reactions translate into asthma. Studies show that avoiding allergens in early childhood can prevent the onset of asthma. The hot vapor molecules from a steam cleaner penetrate the pores of a surface and are so hot, they are able to extract and kill pathogens like E. Coli and Salmonella as well as allergy triggers such as dust mite waste matter. Good-bye infectious enemies.

Kids & Toys

Steam cleaners can transform a germ-ridden, odiferous nursery into a sparkling clean, chemical-free baby sanctuary (try it on the diaper pail!). Toys, especially those that are shared with other children, are notorious germ traps. A steam cleaner will kill any lingering guests after a fun (but probably germ filled) play date.

A Pet Lover's New Best Friend

A steam cleaner will eliminate "eau de dog," sanitize birdcages and aquariums, and spruce up the litter box area. High-temperature heat kills fleas and their eggs and larvae seeking refugee on furniture and in carpeting without the use of harsh, expensive chemicals.

Continuous Steam:
30 minutes
Country of Origin:
7" x 11" x 47"
Electrical Approval:
Power Consumption:
13 amps
Steam Ready Time:
Steam Temperature:
248°F - 120°C
1 Year Limited
Water Capacity:
3.3 Cups (800ml)
8 lbs - 3.6 kg

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Reliable Steam Cleaners Kill Bed Bugs!

Steam treatment is a recommended method for eliminating Bed Bugs. In fact, steam kills all stages of bed bugs without the use of chemicals. Sleeping on a surface that has been soaked in chemicals is not only unpleasant smelling but poses potential health hazards. Successful treatment depends on an Integrated Pest Management approach to bed bug control. This involves steaming and vacuuming, laundering belongings, and sealing areas and gaps where bed bugs can hide.

"…Steam kills all stages of bed bugs." -City of Toronto, Public Health Department

How To Kill Bed Bugs With Steam

It's no secret that bed bug infestations are on the rise. What may come as a surprise is that high temperature steam will kill bed bugs at all stages of growth. There are numerous treatment options available, however many are complex, sometimes expensive and often use harsh chemicals. Using a steam cleaner to do the job is something that Entomologists specializing in bed bugs recognize as part of an effective treatment plan. Pest Management professionals may also use steam as part of their repertoire, particularly those that prefer to use a more healthy friendly approach. There are many types of steam cleaners on the market. Look for those with a stainless steel tank in a canister-type model like those from Reliable Corporation.

Today's steam cleaners offer a chemical-free solution for bed bugs and a myriad of everyday household cleaning tasks. It is essential that the machine produces a dry 'vapor' steam at a minimum temperature of 120°F or 36°C to be effective in killing bed bugs and properly sanitizing all home surfaces.

Once You Have Your Steam Cleaner These Are The Basics of Removal:

1. Remove clutter from the house giving bed bugs fewer places to hide.

2. Wash and dry clothing and all bedding at the highest temperature and store in plastic bags.

3. Use the attachment for your steam cleaner that has a clip to attach a cloth pad or cover (a good machine will come with such attachments and a few cloth/pads).

4. Begin to steam clean all the surfaces of the room from top to bottom (include curtains, chairs, and finishing with the bed, floor and baseboards.

5. The bed is critical in the process. Be sure to slowly go over every square inch. From the bottom of the posts/frame, to the underside of the box spring. Leave no surface of the bed untouched. The accessories that come with a good steam cleaner should include a high-pressure nozzle. This will assist with getting into the crevices of the bed frame and binding as well as places like base boards.

6. Let everything air dry thoroughly to avoid mold before putting bedding and clothing back in their appropriate places. Wrapping the box spring in heavy plastic sheeting and purchasing a bed bug specific mattress cover can be useful.

7. Continue to check regularly for signs of bed bugs.

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