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Spic & Span Liquid Floor Cleaner - (3) 1 Gallon Bottles

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Item Description:

Spic & Span Liquid Floor Cleaner - (3) 1 Gallon Bottles.

Cuts Tough Grease on Quarry Tile

  • Versatile multipurpose cleaner for floors, walls, tables, food-contact surfaces, and restrooms.
  • Dual-surfactant system emulsifies greasy soils and suspends them so they can be removed.
  • High builder level helps remove grimy tracked-in dirt and delivers excellent cleaning in hard water.
  • Noncorrosive mildly alkaline formula balances tough cleaning power with employee safety.
  • Concentrated liquid use 3 fl. oz. per 4-gallon bucket for quarry tile floors.
  • Can be used with chlorine bleach.
  • Classified by UNDERWRITERS LABORATORIES INC., as to slip resistance only 43R9. UL.

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