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Attix 19 AS/E XC HEPA Vacuum

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Your Price: $1,926.00
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  • Manufacturer:Nilfisk
  • Includes:


    • Hose (1.25in x 16 ft)
    • Stainless Steel Curved Wand
    • Stainless Steel Extension Tube (2 Piece)
    • Aluminium Floor Nozzle
    • Plastic Bag in Container
  • View All:


    • Filter Cleaning System (Xtremeclean)
    • Soft Start
    • Electric Tool Start
    • Speed Control
    • Accessory/Tool Storage
    • Antistatic Hose
    • Cable Wrap

Item Description:

Attix 19 AS/E XC HEPA Vacuum

The Nilfisk Attix AS/E XC has an automatic filter cleaning system so you can focus on the job at hand. This Nilfisk Attix Vacuum has a 19 gallon capacity that can handle wet or dry jobs. This industrialized vacuum has a 1.6 HP two-stage turbine motor that operates on a standard 120V outlets for operation. The Attix 19 AS/PE XC provides 120 CFM airflow, 105 inch water-lift and runs at a maximum of only 57 dB.

XtremeClean (Infiniclean) Automatic Filter Cleaning Technology

Nilfisk XtremeClean system secures a continuously high suction performance and sealed airflow during operation. A reversed air pulse is activated 4 times a minute to keep a high airflow level at all times, and each pulse cleans the filter without having to stop the machine or take out the filter itself.

Fast and Simple Filter Cleaning

All you have to do to clean the filter is to block the inlet fitting or the hose, and push and release the filter cleaning button. The surrounding air enters the container, passing through the filter cartridge in the opposite direction to clean the filter.  This Vacuum has standard or HEPA filtration, this Nilfisk Attix is equipped with a 19 gallon capacity, wet or dry, and the tools necessary to get the job done.

120 Volts
Power @ 60 Hz
1.6 HP
Water Lift, max.
105 in H20
Airflow, max.
120 CFM
Current, max.
8.3 amps
Container Capacity, Dry
19 gallons
24in x 23in x 38in
Weight, shipping
85 lbs
Hose/Tube Diameter
32 mm
Sound Pressure Level
57 dB(A)

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