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ZipWall® Dust Barrier Products, Area Containment Products & Temporary Wall Enclosures

One person can erect a 20 foot long ZipWall® barrier in less than one minute, saving a contractor time and money. This award-winning product has been honored by the press and hailed by professionals. It is recognized nationally and internationally as the best dust containment system available today.

ZipWall Hall Kit ZIP-ZWHK
Your Price: $965.00
(Was $1,395.96)
ZipWall SLP6 Dust Barrier Temporary Wall System SLP 6 Pack ZIP-SLP6
Your Price: $373.30
(Was $419.39)
ZipWall SLP2 Dust Barrier Temporary Wall System 2 Pack ZIP-SLP2
Your Price: $134.95
(Was $159.95)
ZipWall RLFP Caution Tape Reel Facility Pack ZIP-RLFP
Your Price: $503.80
(Was $566.01)
ZipWall SC2 Tight Seal Side Clamps ZIP-SC2
Your Price: $51.54
(Was $57.90)
ZipWall SDPK Tight Seal Side Pack ZIP-SDPK
Your Price: $182.08
(Was $235.25)
ZipWall RLPK Caution Tape Reel Pack ZIP-RLPK
Your Price: $75.68
(Was $83.15)
ZipWall AZ2 Dust Wall Barrier Standard Zipper - 2 Pack ZIP-AZ2
Your Price: $11.70
(Was $15.12)
ZipWall CB1 Dust Wall Barrier Carry Bag ZIP-CB1
Your Price: $63.79
(Was $71.67)
ZipWall ZPCB1 ZipPole Dust Wall Barrier Carry Bag ZIP-ZPCB1
Your Price: $40.41
(Was $45.38)

EPA's New Renovation, Repair & Painting Regulations (RPP)

Are you prepared for the new requirements? Regulation compliance by contractors & firms for the renovation, repair and painting activities of target housing or child-occupied facilities built before 1978 for compensation takes effect April 22, 2010.

Lead dust must be contained by law, starting April 22, 2010

Sanding, cutting and demolition can create hazardous lead dust and chips by disturbing lead-based paint. Even tiny amounts of lead paint dust will poison children and adults. To protect against this risk, the EPA issued a rule requiring the use of lead-safe practices and other actions that will affect contractors. This was past into law on March 31, 2008.

Under the new rule, contractors that disturb 6 square feet or more of lead-based paint in homes, or child occupied facilities (built before 1978) must be certified in these new procedures and work practices before April 22, 2010.


ZipWall® poles are tough. They can hold weights of 70 lbs. or more depending upon the twist to lock it. A very strong twist can support as much as 110 lbs. Caution: Do not use for holding anything that could fall and cause injury.

ZipWall® Dust Barrier Products, Area Containment Products & Temporary Wall Enclosures

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