Small Area Floor & Tile Scrubbers

From vertical to horizontal surfaces that need to be cleaned Auto and Hand Held Scrubber can tackle the toughest of jobs. We have handheld tile scrubbers available to help you reach those tough spots and squeeze into awkward spaces.

Stinger Electric Automatic Floor Scrubber - Small Area - 18" UNO-18FSE
Your Price: $1,375.00
(Was $2,678.00)
Viper Fang 18C Walk Behind Electric Scrubber - 18" Cleaning Path VP-FANG18C
Your Price: $1,399.00
(Was $2,482.50)
Electric Automatic Floor Scrubber & Floor Machine Gold Package VP-FANG18C-GOLD
Your Price: $1,937.95
(Was $3,956.51)
Stinger Electric Floor Scrubber & Floor Machine "Gold Package" UNO-18FSE-GOLD
Your Price: $1,995.95
(Was $3,956.51)
Electric Automatic Floor Scrubbing Silver Package VP-FANG18C-SILVER
Your Price: $1,595.95
(Was $3,457.51)
Electric Auto Scrubber Floor Machine Bronze Package VP-FANG18C-BRONZE
Your Price: $1,456.95
(Was $3,379.95)
Clarke Vantage 14 Battery Powered Floor Scrubber CLK-9087345020
Your Price: $2,457.70
(Was $3,511.00)
Mastercraft MWB-90 Scrubber/Edger Low Speed Floor Machine MC-MWB-90
Your Price: $580.95
(Was $818.00)
Motor Scrubber Standard 30" to 5 foot Hand Held Scrubber MS-MS1000SH
Your Price: $372.95
(Was $498.00)
Motor Scrubber Standard 50" to 8 foot Hand Held Scrubber MS-MS1000
Your Price: $372.95
(Was $489.00)
MinuteMan [M12110] Port A Scrub 12" Compact  Floor Scrubber MM-M12110
Your Price: $2,120.00
(Was $2,500.00)
Pilot Compact Autoscrubber - 14" Cleaning Path 1400SC
Your Price: $2,082.00
(Was $2,313.00)
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