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SBS 40 Medicated Skin Cream - (12) 100 mL Tubes

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Item Description:

SBS 40 Medicated Skin Cream

SBS 40 is an after-work medicated conditioning cream that is lightly scented and non-greasy. It helps to soothe dry, chapped hands. It is compatible with latex or nitrile gloves. SBS 40 is intended for use at the end of each work period to moisturize the skin while natural oils are being replenished. Suitable for use on dry, sore, chapped or normal skin.

Where to Use: Industrial, food handling and healthcare work areas, offices and public washrooms.

SBS 40 Features & Benefits

  • Medicated - Conditioning cream soothes dry, chapped skin and improves hydration
  • Mild Conditioning Cream - Lightly perfumed and highly effective after-work conditioning cream
  • Non-Greasy Formula - Workers will not lose their grip on tools, equipment, etc.
  • Compatible w/ Latex & Nitrile Gloves - Can be used when wearing gloves to help keep the skin in good condition
  • Silicone-Free - No adverse effect when painting/coating surfaces
  • USDA BioPreferred Certified - Assures the consumer that the product contains a verified amount of renewable biological ingredients

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