(4) Nyco Ure-Coat Urethane Fortified Seal & Finish 48 oz - Opaque White - UnoClean


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(4) Nyco Ure-Coat Urethane Fortified Seal & Finish 48 oz Acrylic Scented - Opaque White

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Item Description:

Urethane Fortified Seal & Finish Acrylic Scented

Ure-Coat is a water-based polymer coating fortified with urethane for superior performance and appearance. Extremely durable on any floor including terrazzo, quarry tile, brick, and concrete. Deep gloss, brilliance, and extended wear on resilient floors in high traffic areas. Ideal for entrances, hallways, and classrooms. Fast, odorless coating for protection, appearance, and dust control in light duty warehouse and industrial settings. Superior performance and durability reduces maintenance costs and the need for frequent stripping and recoating in heavily used areas.

  • Urethane fortified for extended durability
  • Use in high traffic conditions
  • Ideal for use on terrazzo, resilient, and concrete floors
  • Use with any buffing/burnishing and floor maintenance program
  • Resists marking and penetration of dirt and soils
  • Easily applied with a mop or applicator system
  • Slip Resistance is greater than 0.5% coefficient of friction
  • Meets or exceeds ASTM D-2047

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