WP630 Portable Flood Extractor CLK-WP630
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WP630 Portable Flood Extractor Auto Pump Out Vacuum

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Item Description:

Portable Flood & Water Extractor

Power and versatility in a portable machine. Replacing the U.S. Products Floodking, the Clarke's WP630 is designed to be the most efficient and effective way to extract water from carpet at any water damaged facility. With a new, innovative design the WP630 has increased airflow efficiency with top mounting dual 3-stage vacuums, eliminating stand-pipes and bends into the tank. This results in significant reductions in restrictions of airflow and increases efficiency.

Powerful yet efficent, the 3-stage vacuums only use 13 amps of power with one cord ideal for flooded job sites where power may be limited. The WP630's ergonomic and lightweight design makes it easy to handle by one person with little or no bending or stooping. Large rear wheels carry the WP630 up and down stairs with little effort and strain. For increased productivity, two diaphragm bilge pumps automatically and continuously remove the waste water from the 9 gallon recovery tank through a standard 3/4 inch garden hose at 10.5 gpm, eliminating the need to stop and empty the tank.

Simplified, intuitive, control panel for ease of use.

Clamshell design for easy servicing.

Features & Benefits

  • Top mounted, dual three-stage vacuums - increase airflow efficiency and vacuum performance, improving water recovery
  • Ergonomic, upright, compact design for easy maneuverability and easy storage
  • Rotationally molded body with a lifetime warranty for maximum durability
  • Three-stage filtration system increases pump life
  • Runs on a single 25 foot cord at only 13 amps
  • Auto-damp, 10.5 gallons per minute with a 9 gallon recovery tank
Manufacturer Part Number:
Air Watts:
520 (in operational range)
Discharge Hose:
One 3/4 inch x 50 foot
Discharge Pumps:
Two diaphragme bilge pumps
Discharge Rate:
10.5 gpm
Overflow Protection:
Electronic Float / Auto on/off
Power Consumption:
13 amps
Power Cord:
25 foot, 12-gauge, 3-wire hospital grade plug
Recovery Capacity:
9 gallon
Vacuum Intake Hose:
2 inch x 25 foot
Vacuum Motors:
Two 3-stage vacuums
100 inch
88 lbs.

From experiments, the normal operating range with common extraction tools is about 60 inches of waterlift on the first pass on saturated carpets where most of the water extraction takes place. On later passes where there is less water in the carpet, work occurs at around 45 inches of waterlift.

As shown in the graph, at 60 inches in waterlift the 3-stage can generate 474 W of work and the 2-stage generates 303 W where watts is the amount of work being peformed. The 3-stage vacuum system is designed to be most efficient and most effective in the normal operating range, giving it the ability to accomplish more work. As such, on the initial pass of a flooded carpet, where most of the water extraction takes place, the 3-stage vacuum will do more work or extract more water. This means better performance, higher production and better results.

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