Vectair Systems

Vectair Systems

Air Care and Odor Control from Vectair Systems

Serving numerous sectors for more than 30 years, Vectair Systems is a major global innovator, manufacturer, and supplier of air care and hygiene solutions. Vectair has been providing dependable and efficient sanitary and fragrance solutions for a variety of sectors, with a presence in more than 130 countries. Vectair's areas of competence and innovation concentration are in the areas of air care and odor control, hand washing and skin care, surface care, sanitary disposal, infant care, and goods specially made for "away from home" places.

Vectair is dedicated to employing ingredients and processes that reduce the impact on the environment because they recognize the value of ethical and sustainable production practices. As a responsible manufacturer, Vectair pays close attention to regulatory matters and product compliance to make sure they abide by and even go beyond applicable standards.

Vectair Systems is dedicated to innovation and offers top-notch solutions that satisfy clients' changing needs.

The Vectair Airsan Ozone Generator efficiently neutralizes air and removes offensive odors while being affordable, simple to set up and clean, and suited for usage in occupied or unoccupied spaces.

The Vectair V-Air Solid MVP Dispenser is a very effective air freshener that uses sub-micron fragrance technology to deliver up to 60 days of scent, making it the perfect option for deodorizing public and commercial toilets in an eco-friendly manner.

The Vectair Refill Cartridges for the V-Air Solid Air Freshener are HFC-, propellant-, and solvent-free, VOC-exempt solutions that deliver continuous fragrance for up to 60 days. There are a variety of scents available, including apple orchard, citrus mango, lavender and geranium, cool mint, cucumber melon, ocean spray, and linen breeze.

The Wee-Screen Urinal Screen takes on the challenge of eliminating foul odors, preventing splashback, and warding off drain obstructions for a full month with its deep bubble design and reviving scents such as citrus, clove and cardamom, kiwi and grapefruit, linen breeze, lavender and geranium, marine musk, and more.

The Airoma Automatic Odor Control Dispenser is an efficient way to keep a place smelling clean and fresh since it releases regulated bursts of fragrance at certain times to fight off unwelcome scents. This air freshener dispenser is simple to use, adaptable to the particular conditions of your area thanks to its extensive programming choices, and compatible with Airoma 3000 metered aerosol refills.

The Airoma 3000 Fragrance Refill is perfect for use in public restrooms, offices, hotels, reception areas, and school classrooms because it is made to fit the most standard aerosol air freshener dispensers. With 3000 sprays per refill, it effectively freshens rooms up to 6,000 ft3 and offers long-lasting and distinctive fragrances. You can pick from a variety of scents, including apple orchard, citrus mango, green tea, cucumber melon, and linen breeze.

Vectair Systems is a market leader in the air care and hygiene sector, providing creative, long-lasting, and superior solutions to satisfy the unique demands of clients in numerous industries. Vectair stands out from the competition thanks to its dedication to ethical manufacturing, legal compliance, and customer satisfaction.

Vectair Systems are a leading technological innovator and manufacturer of hygiene products in commercial and public restrooms. Vectair Systems are experts in odor control and air care for clean hygiene innovation.

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