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AutoFoam Touch-Free Foam Soap Dispenser - Chrome Insert

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Item Description:

AutoFoam Touch-Free Enriched Foam Soap System

Automatic foam dispensing is redefined by combining the highest capacity system of its size with world-class reliability and environmental savings!

Patented Smart Sensor and Dry Cam Gear technology in AutoFoam deliver a concentrated dose of enriched foam to provide the most hand washes - up to 38% more than similar foam systems. Energy efficient technology ensures an industry-leading battery life of 120,000 doses or 3 years.

Plus, boxless refills reduce packaging waste for maximum environmental savings.

Aesthetically Superior Design Enhances Décor

Contemporary, stylish dispenser design is available in a wide array of color combinations to enhance the image and coordinate with any washroom décor. Touch-free delivery of foam soap helps keep dispensers clean and inviting for customers.

A Superior Handwash Experience

TC Enriched Foam formulas are highly concentrated to provide a richer, denser foam quality that leaves hands feeling soft and smooth. TC Enriched Foam contains special skin conditioning agents that are soothing to the skin for refreshing hand cleansing. Convenient automatic dispensing ensures delivery of the right amount every time.

Highest quality, richer, denser - 32% more solids than other foams.

AutoFoam™ Touch-Free Enriched Foam Soap System Features


  • Up to 2,750 hand washes per refill
  • Refill pouch size: 1100 ml
  • Mounts to a wall with screws and anchors or double-sided tape
  • Dispenses 0.4 ml or foam per dose
  • Battery requirements: 4 C-Cell alkaline batteries (Sold Separately)
  • Battery Life: 120,000 cycles or 3 years, whichever comes first

Touch Free Dispensing Encourages Healthy Hand Washing

Touch-free delivery eliminates cross contamination to help reduce the spread of germs. Foam encourages hand washing. Disposable refills with TC's HygienicSeal keep soap fresh and clean providing a more hygienic system than bulk soap. A recent study revealed that 25% of bulk soap systems were contaminated with potentially harmful bacteria.

Lower Cost-In-Use

More hand washes per refill reduce labor and soap costs. Reliable, controlled dispensing of concentrated soaps eliminates over use and costly waste - the number one problem with other soap systems. Large capacity refill delivers 0.4ml per dose for up to 2,750 hand washes, allowing fewer change outs. AutoFoam dispenses 5x more handwashes than traditional bag-in-box soaps and up to 38% more vs. other foam systems.

World Class Reliability

A new pump with every refill eliminates mess, clogs and leaks. This user-friendly system provides both visual and audio cues to indicate low soap level and low battery life for worry free maintenance.

Energy efficient cam-gear technology provides industry-leading battery life - up to 120,000 dispenses or 3 years. Durable dispensers are impact resistant and key locked to protect the batteries and refill, helping to deter vandalism.

Environmentally Superior System

Boxless refills and controlled dispensing reduce packaging waste by up to 80% over traditional bag-inbox refills. Controlled dispensing eliminates over use and waste, so there are fewer chemicals in the waste stream. A specially formulated foam soap that is Green Seal Certified is available.

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