Stearns Water Flakes Pot & Pan Dishwashing Detergent - (2) 90 x 0.5 wt. oz. Pails - UnoClean


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Water Flakes Pot & Pan Dishwashing Detergent - (2) 90 x 0.5 wt. oz. Pails

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  • Manufacturer:Stearns
  • Product Type:Pre-Packaged Floor Cleaner
  • Usage:Sinks, Wash Basins
  • Size:2 Pails, 90 x 0.5 wt. oz. Packets Per Pail
  • Dilution Rate:5 Gallons
  • Data Sheet:Data Sheet
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Item Description:


Save Money on Freight With Pre-Measured Cleaning Concentrates
Reduce Waste With Portion Controlled Cleaning Concentrates
Increase Storage Space & Organization with Pre-Measured Cleaning Concentrates

Recognized for safer chemistry. The Design for the Environment (DfE) scientific reveiw team has reviewed each ingredient in this product for potential environmental and human human health effects.


Pot & Pan Detergent provides professional-strength cleaning while controlling costs. Use Pot & Pan Detergent to effectively clean dishes, pots, pans, utensils, flatware, glassware and food service equipment.

Pot & Pan Detergent is premeasured and packaged in a 100% biodegradable water-soluble film that dissolves completely in water. No need to measure, pour, or cut open packages. Drop one water-soluble packet of Pot & Pan Detergent in hot water. Allow your dishes to soak, then scrub and rinse clean. It’s that simple.

The primary ingredients in Pot & Pan Detergent are sodium carbonate, anionic surfactants, sodium tetraborate decahydrate, sodium aluminosilicate, and sodium salt of EDTA.

Quick & Simple Water-Soluble Packets

Some cleaning products are delivered and stored more efficiently as powders instead of liquids. To complement the innovative One Packs™ premeasured systems for liquids, Stearns has developed the revolutionary Water Flakes® water-soluble packets for powder concentrates.

Water Flakes® are exact portions of powdered cleaning concentrates, packaged in a water-soluble film that dissolves quickly in water. Just toss one into a sink, toilet bowl, or bucket of water, and you have the perfect-strength solution in seconds - without measuring, pouring, or even opening any packages.

Water Flakes® give you the same great advantages as One Packs™ - no waste, no confusion, and point-of-use mixing without dispensing equipment. They are shipped in your choice of lightweight storage tubs or larger size reusable pails, and are offered in 10 popular formulations.

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