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Non-Para Deodorant Bowl Block - Green Apple - (12) 1,500 Flush Blocks

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  • Manufacturer:Boardwalk
  • Product Type:Toilet Bowl Deodorant
  • Fragrance:Green Apple
  • Size:(12) 1,500 Flush Blocks
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Item Description:

Toilet Bowl Non-Para Deodorant Blocks

  • Enzyme bowl block deodorizes, cleans and prevents scale buildup
  • Every flush tints water blue, while healthy bacteria eliminates odors and maintain drain lines
  • Lasts up to 1,500 flushes
  • Non-para block deodorants are water-activated, blue the water, counteract odors, and fight bacteria growth
  • Biodegradable materials
  • VOC compliant
  • Free from Phenol Ethoxylate surfactants and carcinogens
  • Free from chlorinated, butyl and harsh solvents
  • Free from ammonia and bleach compounds, phosphates and silicates
  • No phthalates and Alkylphenol ethoxylates
  • Recyclable packaging materials (plastic and boxes)
  • Non-hazardous for shipment

How to choose a block deodorant:

  • Para Block Deodorants - Air-activated, freshen the air and eliminate undesirable odors. Made from paradichlorobenzene saturated with liquid deodorants.
  • Enzymatic Para Block Deodorants - Combines standard para blocks with the addition of beneficial bacteria. The bacteria release enzymes that consume the odor's source, effectively and permanently eliminating odors.
  • Non-Para Block Deodorants - Water-activated, blue the water, counteract odors and fight bacteria growth. Contain no paradichlorobenzene.

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