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Clarke BextPro Carpet Box Extractor

Clarke BEXT Pro 100 Portable Carpet Box Extractor

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Item Description:

Portable Box Extractor

The Bext Pro portable box extractor for cleaning carpets features a simple clam shell design. Clarke designed their Bext Pro carpet cleaning machine this way to permit easy component access and maintenance, while a 13 gallon solution tank enables you to complete large carpet cleaning jobs or easily maneuver in compact areas. Equipped with exclusive circuit finder technology on heated models, the Bext Pro box extractor easily identifies when the machine is plugged into separate circuits. The Bext Pro carpet cleaner extractor also offers self-contained storage for the power cord and a compartment for detergent bottles, hand tools and other cleaning accessories providing increased cleaning convenience.

Flexible Operation

The Bext Pro box extractor surpasses comparable extractors when it comes to cleaning flexibility. With two pressures available you can choose the carpet cleaning box extractor best suited for the job at hand, satisfying light duty cleaning and deep carpet extraction requirements. A cost-effective, non-heated 100 psi model is also available for simple carpet restoration applications. Plus, from floor tools to solution and recovery hoses, the Bext Pro box extractor can be equipped for exact carpet cleaning requirements while remaining within your budget.

Sustainable Cleaning

All models of the Clarke Bext Pro carpet cleaning machine have earned the Carpet and Rug Institute's (CRI) Seal of Approval for carpet extraction. The CRI Seal of Approval program identifies effective carpet cleaning solutions and equipment that clean carpet right the first time and protect a facility's carpet investment. Additionally, the CRI Seal of Approval indicates equipment meets requirements for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification and the Green Seal Standard for Commercial and Institutional Cleaning Services. All models of the Bext Pro carpet cleaner also feature CSA(Canadian Standards Association) and ETL(Intertek TEsting Services) certifications, ensuring the Bext Pro complies with rigorous safety and performance standards.

Technical Specifications

Part Number:
Vac Motor:
5.7 in (14.5 cm), 3-stage, 12.5 A, 115 V/60 Hz
137 in (348 cm)
107 CFM (3,030 L/min
Vac Shut-off:
Ball float
100 psi, demand pump, self priming
Power Cords:
25 ft (7.62 m) 12/3 gauge
Circuit Locator:
Solution Tank:
13 gal (49.2 L)
Recovery Tank:
10 gal (37.9 L)
Rear Wheels:
12 in (30.5 cm), non-marking
Dimensions (L x W x H):
37 in (94 cm) x 18 in (45.7 cm) x 34.5 in (87.6 cm)
74 lb (33.6 kg)

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Contract Cleaners
  • Office Buildings
  • Hospitality Facilities
  • Government Buildings and Installations
"Green" Benefits
  • CRI Seal of Approval ensures safe, effective carpet cleaning
  • LEED and GS-42 certification indicate green cleaning performance
  • CSA and ETL certification ensure compliance with rigorous safety and performance standards
Safety Features
  • Reduced body strain and stress
  • No open, unsecured doors
  • Self-contained storage minimizes safety issues with equipment accessories
  • Instant, continuous heat-up to 212 degrees F at spray tip
  • High pressure
  • Durable, user-friendly design
  • 15 foot Crush-Proof Vacuum/Solution Hose
  • 25 foot Crush-Proof Vacuum/Solution Hose
  • Extractor Vacuum/Solution Extension Hose
  • Exclusive Clarke AquaWand
  • Stainless Steel Cleaning Wands
  • Stainless Steel Hand Tool
  • 4 1/2 inch Upholstery Tool
  • 3 1/2 inch Enclosed Automotive Detail Tool
  • Black Mesh Bag

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