19" Dia. 36 Grit Floor Sanding Disc - Norton Abrasives - UnoClean


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19" Dia. SC Coarse Paper Floor Sanding Disc - 36 Grit - 25 Case

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  • Size:19" Dia.
  • Product Type:Floor Sanding Disc

Item Description:

SC Coarse Floor Sanding Disc

The SC coarse grit paper floor sanding disc for consistent residue removal during surface prep on wood or concrete. The disc has a 100 percent silicon carbide abrasive paired with E- and F-weight heavy paper backing to ensure a long disc life while reducing dish out of springwood on strip and plank floors and easily blending scratches from edger and drum sanders.

Features & Benefits

  • 100% silicon carbide abrasive for quality cut easily blends scratches from edger and drum sanders
  • Reduces dish out of springwood on strip and plank floors
  • Heavy E, F, and combination paper backings delivers strength and long disc life
  • Good, coarse grit choice for value and consisent surface prep on wood and concrete to remove various residues

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