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AutoClean LED Fixture Maintenance System - 3/4" Connector Kit

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  • Manufacturer:Technical Concepts/Rubbermaid
  • Product Type:Fixture & Drain Cleaning Drip Dispenser
  • Size:3/4" Connection
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Item Description:

Attack & eliminates odors at the source.

The AutoClean LED System attacks and eliminates odors at the source, automatically cleaning fixture surfaces day and night. The LED lights and audio signals (programmable) indicate when it is time to replace the refill or batteries.

Equipped with either Purinel for cleaning fixtures and maintaining drains or with Cleaner and Deodorizer for cleaning fixtures with a pleasant scent. AutoClean Systems eliminate odors at the source ensuring that toilets and urinals are clean, odor-free and presentable.

Enhances Cleanliness and Image

AutoClean Systems are uniquely designed to dramatically improve the overall cleanliness and image of any washroom. Every system eliminates odor right at the source of the breeding ground of bacteria.

Ease of Installation

Installing an AutoClean is simple, with no need to shut off the water and easy drill-through chrome connection kit.

World-Class Reliability

Proven programmable dispensing technology delivers consistent metered dosage of formula that prevent building up of calcium in pipes and scaling as well as round-the-clock drain maintenance. The batteries last up to a year.

Technical Concepts AutoClean Fixture Cleaning & Drain Maintenance System

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