20" Twister White Diamond Floor Pad - 800 Grit - UnoClean


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Twister White Light-Duty Floor Pad - 800 Grit - (2) 20" Dia.

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Item Description:

Twister White Diamond Floor Pad

The Twister White is a diamond impregnated floor pad. Twister White will remove tiny scratches from the surface and leaves a silky matt, cleaned and well prepared surface for the subsequent Twister steps.

The Twister White floor pad is made of 100% recycled polyester impregnated with billions of microscopic diamonds. It will remove heavy scratches from stone, VCT, and concrete surfaces. Ideal for heavy restoration applications.

  • 20" diameter floor pad
  • Deep cleans and removes heavy scratches
  • Leaves a clean, smooth floor ready for the next Twister step
  • Recommended for use on machines up to 3000 rpm
Industrial Diamonds 800 Grit
Abrasive Application:
Binder Application:
Binder System:
Center Hole:
Fiber Type:
Recycled Polyester
2 per Case
1" (26 mm)
33 osy (1119 gsm)

Directions for Use

Remove sand and debris on floor surfaces by dry mopping. Dry mopping reduces the wear on your Twister, as well as on the floor and cleaning tools. Always mount the Twister pads on Velcro holders without central locks. When placing the Twister pad on a floor machine the gray printed side should be placed facing the machine. The pad is fastened with the text "This side up" upwards toward the Velcro holder. Now you can clean, polish and preserve the brilliance of your floor. The result will be a clean, sparkling floor that looks inviting.

Product Care

For continued good results, it is important to clean your pads thoroughly by rinsing them off with water. This removes dirt that can wear on the floor and reduce the life of the Twister pad.

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