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150 Watt LED Balloon Light Fixture SD-BLF-150-G1
150 Watt LED Balloon Light Fixture - Attachment
150 Watt LED Balloon Light Fixture - Attachment
150 Watt LED Balloon Light Fixture - Attachment
SeeDevil 150 Watt Balloon Light Kit - Remote Control
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150 Watt LED Balloon Light Fixture

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Your Price: $373.95
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  • Data Sheet: Data Sheet (PDF)
  • Features:


    • Quick and easy setup
    • Glare-free lighting
    • Lightweight and portable
    • Versatile and compact design
    • Wide area coverage with 360° illumination
    • Engineered with 130 lumen per watt Samsung chips
    • 19,500 lumens, < 1.5 operating amps, 120-volt input
    • Over 11,000 square feet of brilliant illumination
    • Internal blower inflates balloon and cools LED panels
    • Included mounts: 2" C-clamp, eye bolt, tripod adapter
    • LED Balloon Light diffuser is constructed of heat-and- 
    • water-resistant, UV protected nylon
    • Run multiple units on one 2,000-watt generator
    • UL approved, RoHS, FCC, CE; IP42 rated
    • 15' spec. grade power cord
    • Dimmable wireless remote
    • 3-year warranty

Item Description:

The SeeDevil 150w LED Balloon Light is a very versatile and portable LED Balloon light.They have a wide number of uses, from outdoor construction, indoor construction, warehouse lighting, and jobsite lighting. The SeeDevil LED Balloon lights are very energy efficient, and they are made from a quality nylon that makes it extremely durable.

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