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PANACHE Antibacterial Body Wash & Shampoo - (8) 1 Liter Cartridges

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Item Description:

A pleasant antibacterial body wash & shampoo with Triclosan, that kills MRSA in 15 seconds or less!

Panache™ is the ideal choice for Schools, Health Facilities, Marine Shipes, Oil Refineries, crowded conditions, Military, or prisions. Available in our patented sealed waterproof cartridges.

Superior formulation providing a silky smooth after feel, with a natural fresh fragrance. PANACHE creates a rich gentle lather in seconds. Contains emollients and humectants to improve hydration and prevent drying of the skin. Rinses easily from the skin, eaving no soapy residues in the sink. Kills MRSA in 15 seconds or less.

  • Lower cost per hand wash than traditional liquid soap
  • Long lasting 1-liter cartridge delivers up to 1,400 hand washings
  • Measured output through Deb dispensing helps prevent waste
  • Recyclable cartridges and bottles

Environmentally Responsible Soaps & Cleansers

Green Seal certification means this Deb SBS foaming product, as stated in GS-41, demonstrates environmental leadership throughout its life-cycle and meets requirements for:

  • Performance
  • Limited toxicity
  • Biodegradability
  • Environmentally preferred ingredients
  • Limited waste and resource use

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