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Aquaress Blue Hand & Body Shampoo - (8) 1 Liter Cartridges

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  • Manufacturer:deb SBS
  • Product Type:Lotion Soap/Cleanser
  • Size:(8) 1 Liter Cartridge (33.8 Fl. oz.)
  • SDS:Download SDS (PDF)

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Item Description:

Blue, Aquaress Hand and Body Shampoo.

Rich, thick lather with a light fragrance. A standard for restrooms and wash basins.

  • Refreshing fragrance
  • Formulated with specially selected emollients and skin conditioners for a pleasant after feel
  • Fully water soluble and free rinsing
  • Blue lotion soap
  • Biodegradable

deb SBS ProLine Soap Dispensers

deb SBS ProLine Soap Dispensers

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Each cartridge fits quickly and easily into the deb SBS ProLine 1-liter dispenser(s). ProLine dispensers come with a tamper-resistant lock and are ADA compliant. They may be ordered in a wide range of standard designs and are available in an array of colors. Call 1-888-226-2724 for information on the ProLine Dispenser Rebate Program.

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