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Clip-On Key Bak Key Reel

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  • Manufacturer:Lucky Line
  • Size:
    • Length: 48"
    • Clip: 2"
  • UPC085721436512

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Item Description:

Clip-On Key Bak

A high-quality key reel with 48" retractable pull. The clip-on Key Bak comes with a Kevlar cord that provides strength and a smooth draw. This Key Bak has a unique ball and socket locking mechanism that can hold multiple keys at once. Carry more keys, small tools, or a phone with the clip-on Key Bak.


  • 48" retractable pull
  • Kevlar Cord
  • 2" clip
  • Ball and socket locking mechanism
  • Heavy-duty polycarbonate case
  • Lifetime Policy

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