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Cleanse Heavy 4000 Soap Dispenser - 4-Liter

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Item Description:

Deb 1 gallon and 4-Liter Hand Soap Dispenser (Heavy Duty)

This heavy duty soap dispenser is use with all DEB's industrial hand cleaners packaged in the 4 liter or 1 gallon container. It can also be used with any other DEB 1 gallon or 4 liter cartridge soaps.

All Deb soap dispensers are Biocote protected. Biocote is a silver-based anitmicrobial agent that is incorporated into the dispenser components at the time of manufacture and inhibits the growth of a broad spectrum of bacteria and molds. Biocote will not wear out or rub off over time, making it effective for the lifetime of the dispenser.

  • Large push buttons can be hand or elbow operated
  • Delivers the exact amount required, controlling usage and reduces waste
  • Enables quick and easy cartridge replacement within seconds
  • Reduces maintenance time and costs
  • Allows no ingress of air into the cartridge during use
  • Helps prevent product contamination
  • Able to withstand high levels of wear and tear
  • Cartridges are recyclable and fully collapsible
  • Locking mechanism helps prevent unauthorized access, pilferage and product contaimination
  • Sight glass indicated the level of product in the cartridge and identify when soap needs replacing
  • Suitable for use in busy and hard wearing washroom environments
  • Guaranteed for life

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