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QT KIT300 Maintenance Kit for QT Thunder Ozone Generator

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  • Manufacturer:QueenAire

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Item Description:

QueenAire Maintenance Kit QT KIT300

This maintenance kit is used to maintain the QueenAire QT Thunder ozone generator machines. The life expectancy of the QT Thunder ozone generator is 10 to 15 years. The life expectancy is figured assuming you do your part to maintain the machines. It is recommended that you clean and maintain your ozone generator every six months. If you follow this guidance, then you should achieve maximum life expectancy of your ozone generating machine and generate a lot of ozone.


  • (1) CDP 4.6 - Ceramic Dielectric Plate
  • (2) FUSLOBLO .125 - .125 Milliamp fuse
  • (6) ALCWIPE - Alcohol Wipes
  • (1) Set of Cleaning Instructions

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