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iStormTouchless Hand Dryer - 110/120V, White

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Item Description:

iStorm High Speed Hand Dryer

The new high speed touchless hand dryer offers more air power from a variety of angles, meaning the user gets a more hygienic, ergonomic, and economical hand drying experience. The iStorm is able to eliminate 99% of airborne bacteria with a HEPA three-layer filter.

With remarkable 10-second dry time, users will dry their hands in a natural comfortable position without water splash-back. The iStorm utilizes water absorbing ceramic technology, eliminating water overflow and preventing hazardous wet floor areas. This high speed hand dryer features an airspeed adjustment, on-off heater switch, and dual-color LED sensor indicators for a superior hand-dry experience.

The iStrom blows air down and away from the user, instead of back at the operator and on the floor. This results in a much safer restroom environment. With an ergonomic design, the iStorm is the most efficient and user friendly high speed hand dryer on the market. Users dry their hands just like they wash them!

Features & Benefits

  • ION+ antibacterial coating
  • Provides superior hand drying
  • HEPA 3-layer filter eliminates 99% of airborne bacteria
  • Reduces growth of micro-organisms for the life of the dryer
  • Save up to 95% of costs when switching from paper towel usage
  • Capable of drying your hands in 10-15 seconds
  • Hygienic, touch-free hand drying option
  • ADA Compliant
Decibel Rating:
66.1 dB
24-3/8" x 12-3/8" x 7-1/4"
Operating Voltage:
110/120 V
1200 W


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