Nine Stars LID-9 Touch Free Motion Sensor Trash Can Lid - Black/Silver

The Backside of your New Nine Stars LID-9 Stainless Steel Infrared Sensor Lid will look like this.  Older LID-9 models have D-Cell battery compartment with 2 battery caps.
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  • Manufacturer:Nine Stars USA
  • Product Type:Infrared Sensor Lid
  • Accessory For:DZT-42-9 & DZT-50-9
  • Size:Oval Lid, 16.5" L x 11.5" W x 5.25" H (Highest Point)
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PER MANUFACTURER: This Item is Back Ordered Until After January 1, 2015.

Touch Free, Motion Sensor, Automatic Trash Can Lid

Nine Stars Lid 9 automatic garbage can lids help cut back on touching filth, grime and germs. Auto trash can lid opens when you disturb the path of the sensor. A touchless trash can lid means less germs being spread. The automatic hands free garbage can lid works with a motion sensor and is made from ABS plastic to prevent cracking.

  • New Lid 9s are now using NST-CAP9C.
  • Infrared Sensor Lid
  • Oval Shape
  • Fits Nine Stars USA stainless steel models: DZT-42-9, DZT-50-9

Nine Stars LID 9 Automatic Opening Garbage Can Lid
The Nine Stars LID 9 automatic open sensor lid has an easy access battery compartment.

Customer Reviews

Average Customer Rating:

OMG, I almost bought a whole NEW trash can, and I thought let me see if I can just replace my lid. I've had this trash can for at least 7 yrs and I think the gears in the lid have worn out... It will open but won't stay open.... Glad to save about 30.00 to 40.00 bucks and only have to order the lid.... ❤ This trash can

I love the can and it's motion sensor. We have had it about three years now. I'm glad we can order parts my lid broke off about four months ago when we had a party. We've been glueing it ever since. Now the spring has no more lid. All in all I love it and still would purchase it again. I'm thankful I can just purchase just the lid. Its an upgraded model as well...that still fits our can. So I'm a happy consumer.

Love, love love your sensor trash cans. Use the small one in the bathroom, and the larger one in the kitchen. Very happy to learn a person is able to purchase replacement parts. GREAT! Thank you :)