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Model S Pile Brush Dry Carpet Extraction Vacuum w/ Nylon Brush - 110V

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Item Description:

Used for maintaining heavy traffic lanes and preparing carpet for hot water extraction, and grooming the carpet nap.

The one essential tool for proper carpet care, the Certified® Model "S" Pile Brush removes the deeply embedded dry particulate matter from the carpet while helping groom the nap, eliminate traffic patterns and prolong the life of your carpet and rugs.

Why do you need the Certified® Model "S" Pile Brush?

  • To help remove traffic pattern areas
  • Breaks ups and removes deeply embedded soil in your carpet
  • Adds life to your commercial or residential carpet
  • Grooms the nap

What makes the Model "S" Pile Brush stand out?

  • Dual motor system
  • One motor drives a 4" vegetable fiber or nylon brush
  • Second drives the vacuum motor
  • Self leveling base
  • Sand trap collects the larger particles, allowing just fine dry particulate to pass into paper bag insert
  • Solid construction

Facts You Should Know About The Certified® Model "S" Pile Brush

Certified® has pioneered and developed the use of the pile brush longer than any other machine manufacturer. Certified® introduced the first two-motor horizontal Pile Brush unit ever manufactured. It is the opinion of thousands of Certified® Pile Brush users, that no cleaning job is complete or professionally done unless prepared by pile brushing. Skillfully engineered and ruggedly built, only the Certified® Pile Brush offers you these exclusive features:

  • PORTABLE: The Certified® Pile Brush can be wheeled up a flight of stairs.

  • OPERATION: Only the Certified® Pile Brush is self-leveling and depth of brushing varies on the same rug conditions and height of pile.

  • TRANSMISSION: Brush drive is positive and geared to motor to insure continuous brush action even when pile is high or badly matted.

  • MOTOR: Out in the open away from dust and grit means longer life.

  • VACUUM SYSTEM: Certified's exclusive sand trap prevents bobby pins, paper clips, carpet tacks or other metallic objects from ruining vacuum fan blades. Only lint and dust reach the blades and refill bag.

  • BRUSH: Certified® solid spiral brush has gentle grooming action - does not break, cut or pull pile loop. Does not mat and is selfcleaning. Only Certified® permits reversing of brush for longer wear. Also available with tufted nylon brush.

Certified® Pile Brush Features

Certified® Pile Brush Dual Motor System

Dual Motor System:

  • One motor drivers a 4.5 Inch diameter vegetable or nylon brush (1) and a NEW quieter motor drives vacuum (2)
Certified® Pile Brush Dual Filtration

Dual Filtration

  • Outer bag is made of Heavy C-Tex™ material (Collection efficiency 97.25% @ 0.3 microns)
  • Inner paper bag insert (Collection efficiency 90% @ 0.5 microns)
  • Top fill bag (outer bag) design results in 80% bag efficiency with 840 cubic inches of dirt holding capacity
Certified® Pile Brush Sand Trap

Sand Trap

  • Collects larger particles, and allows just fine dry particulate to pass through the vacuum motor into the paper bag insert.


  • Solid die cast aluminum construction.
  • Self-leveling base: There is no need to adjust for different sizes or kinds of carpet pile.
  • Transmission: Brush drive is positive and geared to motor to ensure continuous brush action even when pile is high or badly matted.
  • Brush: Certified® solid spiral brush has gentle grooming action - does not break, cut or pull pile loop. It does not mat and is self-cleaning. Only Certified® permits reversing of brush for longer wear. Also available with tufted nylon brush.
  • Portable: The Certified® Pile Brush is around the same size as a regular vacuum and can be wheeled up a flight of stairs.
67 lbs. / Shipping Weight: 80 lbs.
19.25" W x 18" L x 43.25" H
Brush Diameter:
Brush Length:
Brush Types:
Solid Reversible Vegetable/Natural Fill Brush or Tufted Nylon Brush
Vacuum Motor:
1.25 HP, Universal 115 V
Polished Rugged Aluminum Casting
50' x 14.3 UL Approved
Brush Drive Motor:
1/2 HP, 60Hz, 115 V
Momentary Contact
Geared Drive:
No Slipping
Heavy outer canvas bag with top loading refill filter bag
Sand Trap:
Exclusive hinged sand trap on bottom to protect vacuum motor from metal, heavy objects
4" Heavy Duty, Non-marking
Floor Rod:
Heavy 1/4" (32 cm) wall tubing fully adjustable
Extra wide 18"
Switch Lever:
5" plastic coated finger tip control

What the Certified® Pile Brush Will Do For You:

  • Help remove traffic pattern lanes by restoring and unifying their appearance with the surrounding carpet.
  • Restore breathability back into the carpet by gently grooming the nap.
  • Add life to your commercial or residential carpet by restoring and maintaining the original appearance of the carpet pile.
  • Improve indoor air quality throughout a facility by removing particles in the carpet that could become airborne.
  • Enhance the performance of cleaning chemicals by removing the deeply embedded soil that inhibits those chemicals from reaching the carpet fibers.
  • Save money by postponing the replacement of your commercial or residential carpet.
  • Reduce labor/chemical costs by reducing the frequency of deep cleaning wet extraction.

The Benefits of Dry Extraction

The Certified® Pile Brush is the only dry extraction machine.

  • Dry soil is much easier to remove than wet soil
  • There is no down time after cleaning. People can continue to walk on the carpet immediately after dry extraction
  • The carpet is not left wet or slippery which can allow mold and mildew to grow. Slippery carpet can cause accidents
  • Dry extraction removes the deeply embedded soil along with abrasive sand/particles that ruin the appearance of the high traffic areas
  • No solution tanks to fill. No recovery tanks to empty
  • What is Missed by Traditional Vacuuming

    Certified® Pile Brush Dirt-O-Meter

    The Certified® Dirt-O-Meter is a demonstration tool used to show what is missed by tradtional vacuuming and even deep extraction. As you can see, the once clean/white filter is completely saturated with dirt after only a few passes in a high traffic lane.

    Certified® Pile Brush Debris Pickup

    The Pile Brush removes heavy sand, dirt, rocks, and abrasive soil that fall to the base of carpet that regular vacuums cannot remove. By removing damaging soil, the Certified Pile Brush can drastically increase the life of commercial carpet.


    Certified® Pile Brush Before & After

    Certified® Pile Brush Before & After

    Certified® Pile Brush Before & After

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