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Triple Treat Powdered Extraction Cleaner - (4) 6 lb. Containers

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Item Description:



Dilution Rate:

2 oz / 5 G

Cleans, Brightens And Leaves A Pleasing Fragrance

Certified Extraction Cleaner is a powdered, steam cleaning formulation made primarily for truck mounts.

Extraction Cleaner contain surfactants, solubilizers and emulsifiers, including corrosion inhibitors in a pH controlled alkaline system. Extraction Cleaner contains a fragrance for extra freshness. Approximate use cost is less than $.03/100 sq. ft.

Extraction Cleaner dissolves quickly and will not clog sensitive truck mount metering systems. Extraction Cleaner cleans those extra soiled carpets quicker and better than the other powdered cleaners using more filler.

Extraction Cleaner is an outstanding cleaner when outstanding results are needed.


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