Mytee 7000DX Flood Hog Flood Extractor - 3-Stage Vacuum Motor - 12 Gallon
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7000SX Flood Hog Flood Extractor - 12 Gallon

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Item Description:

7000SX Flood Hog Flood Extractor

Feeling Swamped? Get it dry, do it fast. As you know, in a flood situation, getting the water out is priority one. The quicker this is done, the less long term damage is done to materials. Mytee's new model 7000SX Flood Hog is a professional, portable flood extractor designed specifically for large flood restoration jobs. The Flood Hog is the best tool in the industry for this task, allowing you to move water out of a space rapidly. It leads it's field with the following features:

  • Dual 3-stage high performance vacuums producing 249" of water lift
  • 66 GPM stainless steel auto pump-out
  • 12 gallon recovery tank
  • Daul 50 ft. lighted power cords
  • Dual circuit indicator light and tone
  • 10" wheels and 4" locking casters
  • Built-in stainless steel debris filter
  • Water resistant switches

The 7000SX Flood Hog features two high performance, 3-stage vacuum motors to extract up to 66 gallons per minute. Made from durable rotomolded housing in California and hand finished to perfection. The rotomolded housing comes with a 5 year limited warranty. Zero downtime - the Flood Hog features a high quality, stainless steel auto pump-out with a cam lock fitting and adapter, which allows for unlimited emptying through the pump-out hose (included). A drain valve is located at bucket height to easily empty the unit manually.

Unit Inculdes:

  • 1.5" S-bend wand
  • Scalloped head for carpets
  • Squeegee head for hard surfaces
  • 50' x 1.5" pump-out hose
  • 25' x 1.5" extraction hose
  • 2" to 1.5" Cuff-Lynx reducer
  • 2" Cuff-Lynx plugs (x2)
Amp Draw:
Cord One: 17, Cord Two: 12
29" x 17.5" x 35"
Built-in Stainless Steel Debris Filter
Locking Casters:
Power Cord:
Dual 50 ft. 12/3
In Tank
Pump-out GPM:
12 Gallon
Dual 3 Stage HP
Water Lift:
124 lbs.

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