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MotorScrubber 15" Hand Held Scrubber

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Item Description:

The compact, maneuverable hand held motor scrubber uses the same powerful motor, materials and long-lasting construction as the Standard and Short handle models. Weighing less than 5 lbs, this hand scrubber is lightweight with a comfortable soft grip handle. A lockable swivel yoke provides even, steady control, making it ideal for scrubbing brick, marble or stainless steel. Does not extend.


  • Battery & charger
  • Battery harness
  • Medium duty brush (MS1041) - For cleaning walls, steps, landings, kitchens, shower rooms, and restrooms
  • Backing padholder disc (MS1046) - Pad holder secures pads to the motor scrubber with a velcro style holder
  • Polishing pad (MS1066) - For polishing delicate surfaces such as marble, tile, and wood
  • Stripping pad (MS1060) - For light scouring of many surfaces

Motor Scrubber MS1038 Light-Duty Brush Motor Scrubber MS1046 Pad Holder Disc
The Light-Duty Brush cleans well on delicate surfaces such as carpet, marble, wood, light scrub bathroom floors, walls & stainless steel.

The Motor Scrubber Pad Holder Disc is a durable plastic velcro style padholder.
Motor Scrubber MS1060 Stripping Pad Motor Scrubber MS1066 Polishing Pad
The Motor Scrubber Black Stripping Pad should be used on floors and surfaces that require aggressive scrubbing.
The Motor Scrubber White Polishing Pad is meant to be used for dry or fine water mist polishing for high gloss.
Motor Scrubber MS1012 Battery Replacement
Great for using your Motor Scrubber for longer periods of time with the ability to switch out a battery.


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