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Kenwood ProTalk 16 Channel Portable VHF Two-Way Radio - 5 Watt

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  • Manufacturer:Kenwood
  • Product Type:Portable Two-Way Radio
  • UPC019048201218

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Item Description:

The 402 Series radios are compact 5 watt portable radios designed for local area industrial job site communications. These are available in 16 channel models in VHF/UHF frequency bands.

The 400/402 Series will continue to offer progressive features such as wireless cloning, channel voice announcement, FleetSync PTT ID, and multiple signaling formats. In addition, the 400/402 has enhanced transmit/receive audio and 1W of audio output.

General Features:

  • 16 Channel Model
  • 5 Watts Transmit Power
  • 27 VHF Pre-Programmed Frequencies
  • Voice Inversion Scrambler Built-In
  • Battery Save
  • VOX Ready
  • Channel Confirmation Mode
  • Wireless Cloning
  • Password Protection
  • B.C.L (Busy Channel Lockout)
  • Key Lock
  • 4-color LEDs (Blue, Green, Orange, Red)
  • 2 PF Keys
  • Scan Del/Add
  • Kenwood ESN (Electronic Serial Number
  • Adjustable Microphone Gain: High/Normal/Low
  • Time-Out Timer
  • Low Battery Warning
  • MIL-SPEC 810 C/D/E/F/G
  • 2 Year Warranty

Included Accessories:

Kenwood ProTalk Portable Two-Way Radio On-Site Communicators

  1. Removable Antenna
  2. KBH-10 Spring Action Belt Clip
  3. KSC-35K 3-Hour Fast Charger
  4. KNB-45L Li-Ion Battery

Accessories are also available for seperate purchase, see related items below.

Compact, ergonomic contours with a Natural comfortable hold and easy to use. Kenwood's LP Li-Ion powered ProTalk is simply the best Communications Tool for heavy duty work environments.


The ergonomic contours of the ProTalk naturally fit the hand for a superbly comfortable hold. The non-slip elastomer channel knob and switch torque ensures positive selection and resists accidental changing.

2,4, 6, 8, 15 & 16 CHANNEL MODELS

Select ProTalk 2, 8* or 15** channel models which will fit your needs and requirements. A great selection providing plenty of capacity for multiple channels or radio systems.

* 8 channel model is available in VHF only.
** 15 channel model is available in UHF only.


The ProTalk VHF (TK-2200LP) 2 & 8 channel models has 27 pre-stored frequencies while the ProTalk UHF (TK-3200LP) 2 or 15 channel models has 56 pre-stored frequencies. Both models have 39 QT tones and 83 DQT codes. Users can program a ProTalk to any of the pre-stored frequencies and QT/DQT's, assuring compatibility with other brand radios.

* QT & DQT may also be referred to under other brand acronyms as PL, CG, CTCSS & DPL, DCG, DCS.


Managers can "Super Lock" all user controls (except PTT and volume) to prevent accidental channel changes.


This wireless feature simplifies the setup of several Protalk radios to function identically and eliminates repetitive setup actions of individual radios.


Pressing on the Calling Alert key while transmitting causes an alert tone to sound from the other radio's speaker. This is a useful function to signal staff in noisy environments.


VOX (voice-operated transmission) is invaluable for specialized tasks or events that require repetitive hands-free communications. The radio itself provides automatic PTT action, so the user simply talks. VOX works with a Kenwood-compatible headset.


Built tough for rugged work environments, the ProTalk has been designed to pass industrial drop tests, international IP54/55 water and dust intrusion tests and 11 categories of the U.S. Department of Defense MIL-STD 810 C, D, E & F environmental standards tests.


  • Time Out Timer
  • Battery Save and Low Battery Warning
  • Scan
  • Channel confirmation mode


The ProTalk offers 2 watts* of power to enable direct radio-to-radio communication on the same frequency (simplex) for up to 6 miles**.

Open areas without obstructions
Up to 6 miles (9.6 km)
Residential areas (near buildings)
Up to 1.5 miles (2.4 km)
In steel and/ or concrete reinforced buildings
Up to 250,000Sq. (23,220 Sq. m)
In high-rise buildings
Up to 20 floors

* For some frequencies, power may be limited to 1 watt.
** Talk range will vary based on terrain, conditions and type of radio.

MIL 810C Method/Procedure
MIL 810D Method/Procedure
MIL 810E Method/Procedure
MIL 810F Method/Procedure
Low Pressure
500.1 / Proc. I
500.2 / Proc. I, II
500.3 / Proc. I, II
500.4 / Proc. I, II
High Temp.
501.1 / Proc. I, II
501.2 / Proc. I, II
501.3 / Proc. I, II
501.4 / Proc. I, II
Low Temp.
502.1 / Proc. I
502.2 / Proc. I, II
502.3 / Proc. I, II
502.4 / Proc. I, II
Temp. Shock
503.1 / Proc. I
503.2 / Proc. I
503.3 / Proc. I
503.4 / Proc. I, II
Solar Radiation
505.1 / Proc. I
505.2 / Proc. I
505.3 / Proc. I
505.4 / Proc. I
506.1 / Proc. I, II
506.2 / Proc. I, II
506.3 / Proc. I, II
506.4 / Proc. I, III
507.1 / Proc. I, II
507.2 / Proc. II, III
507.3 / Proc. II, III
Salt Fog
509.1 / Proc. I
509.2 / Proc. I
509.3 / Proc. I
510.1 / Proc. I
510.2 / Proc. I
510.3 / Proc. I
510.4 / Proc. I, III
514.2 / Proc. VIII, X
514.3 / Proc. I
514.4 / Proc. I
514.5 / Proc. I
516.2 / Proc. I, II, V
516.3 / Proc. I, IV
516.4 / Proc. I, IV
516.5 / Proc. I, IV

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