HoldIt Products BAND IT Premium Elastic Trash Can Loop - (1) 5-20 Gallon

HoldIt Products BAND IT® Premium Elastic Trash Can Loop - (1) 5-15 Gallon Band
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  • Manufacturer:Hold It Products
  • Product Type:Trash Can Accessories
  • Size:(1) 5-15 Gallon Band
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Holds Plastic Trash Can Liners In Place - Plus 1,001 Other Uses!

Peal and stick adhesive attaches StayPut Holder (tm) with a strong bond to both metal and plastic containers and it stays there to -20 F.

  • No more wasted liners
  • No more over size bags
  • No more tying knots to hold the liner up

Helps reduce injuries by cutting repetitive motion of tying bags, by half. Helps free-up funding for other projects by saving money. Easy to install...and easy to use!

Sized and used in:

  • Offices, Warehouse, Manufacturing, Processing Plants, Parks, Hospitals, Schools, Airports, Hotels, Housekeeper Carts, Restauraunts, Marinas, Goverment and Military Buildings and Facilities, Exibition Halls

Additional Uses Include:

  • Keeps Covers for Barbecues in Place
  • Keeps Covers for Outdoor Furniture in Place
  • Keeps Air Conditioner Covers in Place
  • Holds Long Extension Cords Neatly
  • And Many More....

Customer Reviews

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In an outpatient surgery center, someone pulled a full bag and replaced it with another, securing the top of the bag with an elastic band. Good idea. UnoClean has them for small and kitchen-size bags. They keep the bag from collapsing into the can when someone tosses something into the bag. - Charles

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