Hand Sanitizing Station Kit - Black SBS-92752-CHR
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Hand Sanitizing Station Kit - Black w/ Chrome Dispenser

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Your Price: $68.90
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  • Manufacturer:Deb Stoko
  • Height:Approx. 56"
  • Size:Approx. 8"
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  • UPC069124052494

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Item Description:

Stop the spread of germs before they infect you. That's why you should implement hand sanitizing stations. Areas with a large amount of people traffic such as employees, students, visitors or patients are the most contaminated areas. Stop the spread of germs by putting a hand sanitizer stand in all the high traffic areas.

deb SBS Sanitizer Stand

Dispenser Details:

  • 4 D-Cell Batteries (included) will last up to 92,000 applications or 3 years!
  • Fast and Easy Cartridge Change-Outs
  • Tamper-Resistant
  • Durable
  • Cartridges are Recyclable and Collapsible
  • Designed for Minimal Product Waste
  • ADA-Compliant
  • Easy and Quick to Install
  • Sign Says: Sanitizing Station. Your health is in your hands
  • Covered by 5 Year Warranty from When the Dispenser is Installed
  • Sanitizer Not Included: View Sanitizer

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