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Mytee Carpet Box Extractor Auto Interior Drying Kit

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Your Price: $34.95
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  • Manufacturer:Mytee
  • Product Type:Automobile Interior Drying Kit
  • Accessory For:Box Extractors
  • Size:25' x 1 1/4" Drying Hose

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Item Description:

Auto Detailing Extractor Drying Kit

Imagine drying the interior of one vehicle while you're detailing another.

You will not have to use your imagination with Mytee's HP-DRY Interior Drying Kit.

Designed for use with Mytee's HP100 GrandPrix Box Extractor and HP60 Spyder Box Extractor, this interior vehicle-drying package offers you:

  • Versatility - Includes a 25' x 1 1/4" drying hose and two attachments. Use the blower nozzle to focus warm air in a concentrated area or blow out debris. The unique window attachment nozzle maximizes airflow, speeds up dry times and dries interiors hands-free while you take care of other business.
  • Economy - The kit is competitively priced, and with faster dry times, you'll detail more vehicles.


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