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Diamabrush 17" 10 Blade Mastic Tool 25 Grit CW

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Item Description:

Diamabrush Mastic Coating Removal Tool

  • 17" 10 Blade Mastic Removal Tool 25 Grit
  • If you own or are renting a 18 inch machine, a riser is recommended to prevent rubbing.

The Diamabrush Coating Removal Tool is the fastest, most effective tool for removal of mastic, adhesives, thin-set and thin mil epoxies from concrete floors. The patented design prevents the abrasive from loading up or clogging like other abrasive products resulting in fast, consistent removal throughout the life of the tool.

Designed to fit a wide variety of rotary flooring machines such as automatic scrubbers and allows the machine to bridge joints and cut lines in the concrete.

User safety is greatly enhanced because dangerous and volatile chemicals are not required. Simply apply water to eliminate dust and debris.

Like other Diamabursh products, the Mastic Removal Tool includes replaceable blades. Once the tool gets worn, simply order a Mastic Blade replacement kit. The inserts are easy to remove and easy to replace.

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