Deb GPF3LDQ Gritty Foam 3250 Heavy Duty Dispenser
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Solopol GFX Heavy Duty Soap Dispenser - 3.25 Liter

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  • Manufacturer:Deb Stoko
  • Product Type:Soap Dispenser
  • Size:3.25 mL
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  • UPC069124052616

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Item Description:

Gritty Foam 3250 Heavy Duty Foaming Hand Soap Dispenser

Dispenser for exclusive use with GrittyFOAM™. Durable construction in high gloss easy to maintain black finish. Locking cabinet prevents unauthorized access. Dispenser is protected by BioCote® a silver based antimicrobial agent that inhibits the growth of bacteria and molds on the surface of the dispenser Rigorously tested for high usage environments and guaranteed for life.

Utilizing a unique science of suspension, heavy-duty liquid hand soap is transformed into foaming heavy-duty hand soap cleanser with suspended bio-scrubbers. As the product passes through our patented dispensing pump, it's infused with air, delivering up to five times more volume than the liquid form.

Real Benefits

Improved Compliance and Safety

  • Gentler on Skin - Gets hands clean without drying out the skin. Laboratory Transepidermal Water Loss (TEWL) testing confirms that GrittyFOAM is kinder to skin than leading competitive products.
  • Improved Hand Wash Experience - Motivating compliance is made easier with GrittyFOAM because people like and want to use it.
  • Enhanced Employee Satisfaction - In surveys, 9 out of 10 preferred GrittyFOAM to traditional heavy duty hand cleansers.

The Environmentally-Friendlier Choice

  • Water Savings - Effervescing foam spreads easily over hands and forearms and quickly emulsifies dirt and grime, requiring much less water and time for a complete hand wash.
  • Renerable and Recyclable - GrittyFOAM is formulated from renewable resources and is packaged in recyclable cartridges.
  • Eco Accredited - USDA BioPreferred, EcoLogo certified and VOC compliant.

Less Cost in Use

  • Less Product Per Hand Wash - Three milliliters of liquid is transformed into 5x the volume in foam - the optimum amount to clean even the toughest soils.
  • Less Ongoing Dispenser Investment - Patented GrittyFOAM dispensers are GUARANTEED FOR LIFE, requiring no future investment.
  • Less Complicated Purchasing - GrittyFOAM is designed to meet the needs of the entire workforce. Gentle enough for hands that get lightly soiled and powerful enough for much dirtier hands.

Universally Understood

To help ensure Deb products and dispensing systems are understood by all, GrittyFOAM product labels and dispensers have been carefully designed and feature the following:

  • Color Coding
  • Product Step Icons
  • Simple Descriptions
  • Useful Iconography

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