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Cleanfix Self-Contained Carpet Extractor - 13" Cleaning Path - 9 Gallon

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Item Description:

The TW-Compact is suitable for cleaning all piled carpeting, cemented, stretched and loose-laid fitted carpets with synthetic or woven backings.

Using warm water (122° Max) improves the cleaning efficiency and facilitates the removal of any oily or greasy contamination.

Care should be taken when cleaning fitted carpets with a jute backing. If such carpeting is wetted excessively, it may shrink and become discolored.

  • Convenient, easy-to-handle carpet cleaner with rotary brush
  • Can be used for cleaning both forwards and backwards
  • Fresh and dirty water tanks seperated by a diaphragm wall ensure maximum capacity in a confined space
  • Dirty water tank can be emptied fast and easily with a drain hose

This exceptional carpet cleaning machine features forward and reverse brush action cleaning.

The ideal machine for professional cleaning of large areas. Clean corners, edges and stairs with adapter connection.

  • Brush support - forward & reverse cleaning
  • Simple and clear - arranged switch panel with universal symbols at the folding handle
  • Stair climbing wheels
  • Pile lifting - The character of the brush ensures thorough cleaning of carpets and provides for an effortless operation
  • Convenient - Use in large areas as well as tight spaces with off-aisle wand operation
Cleaning Path:
Solution Tank:
9 Gallons
Recovery Tank:
12 Gallons
Brush Motor:
450 W
112 CFM
Solution Pump:
50 PSI
99 lbs.
TW Compact Carpet Extractor TW Compact Carpet Extractor
The TW Compact Carpet Extractor is ideal for cleaning large areas.

The TW Compact Carpet Extractor has 112 CFM, 450 Watt Motor, 50 PSI pump, 100" Waterlift, a forward and a reverse brush operation.
TW Compact Carpet Extractor TW Compact Carpet Extractor
The true forward and reverse brush cleaning action. Deep cylindrical brush is gentler on carpets but just as tough on dirt and stains.
The tank-in-tank bladder design allows for a more compact machine. Clean water goes in bladder and then transfers to outer tank for equal water displacement.

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