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Cleanfix 280720 IBCT Battery Floor Scrubber - 21" Cleaning Path

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Your Price: $11,195.95
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  • Manufacturer:Mastercraft
  • Size:24" Squeegee Width
  • Cleaning Path:21"
  • Capacity:14.5 Recovery Tank / 14.5 Solution Tank
  • Product Type:Battery Automatic Floor Scrubber
  • Data Sheet:Data Sheet
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Item Description:

RA 535 IBCT Ride On Battery Powered Floor Scrubber

The RA 535 IBCT Ride on Battery Powered Floor Scrubber is the most efficient ride-on scrubber ever. The tight curves allow the RA 535 to fit through narrow doorways and confined corridors.

The RA 535 has a fully automatic suction base installed beneath the automatic scrubber and is protected to avoid getting stuck.

CADS Dosing System & AGM Battery


  • Optional CADS System - Save up to 50% in chemical costs with the optional Cleanfix Advanced Dosing System (CADS). Chemical product is dosed to the fresh water according to speed. Only use what you need!
  • Suction Squeegee - Suction Squeegee is positioned directly behind the brush for immediate and complete pickup.
  • Easy on the Operator - A non-slip foot rest and pedal along with a comfortable seat and easy water drainage system make this machine a breeze to use.
  • Operating Panel - Clear, easy to navigate operating panel features a battery life indicator so you know when to charge ahead of time.
  • Slide-Out Battery Box - Open slide-out battery drawer to reveal the battery box and charging plug for quick and easy charge hookup.
  • Great Versatility - Use RA 535 to ride, scrub, and dry in Grocery Stores, Restaurants, Narrow Corridors, Department stores - anywhere that hard floors need regular commercial cleaning and maintenenace.
Order Number:
Vacuum Motor:
Brush Motor:
Brush Speed:
175 RPM
Brush Pressure:
50 lbs
Transaxle Motor:
Tank Recovery:
14.5 gal
Tank Solution:
14.5 gal
Scrubbing Path:
21 inches
Squeegee Width:
24 inches
Productivity Rate:
1.8 - 3 mph
Shipping Dimensions:
50" L / 25.5" W / 53" H
Mastercraft RA 535 Battery Operated Floor Scrubber RA535 Ride On Automatic Floor Scrubber
The Mastercraft RA 535 Ride On Automatic Floor Scrubber
The RA 535 is a battery operated ride on floor scrubber by Mastercraft. Great for narrow hallways and corridors.
RA 535 Ride On Battery Operated Floor Scrubber Mastercraft RA 535 Ride On Floor Scrubber
The RA 535 Battery Operated Floor Scrubber
The ride on floor scrubber RA 535 has a very comfortable seat for the operator.
RA 535 Ride On Floor Scrubber Riding Floor Scrubber
The RA 535 Automatic Floor Scrubber can be used in grocery stores and narrow store aisles very effectively.
Riding floor scrubbers usually don't allow this amount of room for the operator while operating in a narrow space.
RA535 Battery Operated Floor Scrubber RA535 Battery Operated Floor Scrubber
The RA 535 Battery Operated floor scrubber operates at a high efficiency with a comfortable to grip steering wheel.
The Battery Operated floor scrubber RA 535 floor machine is easy to operated.
RA 535 Battery Operated Floor Scrubber RA 535 Battery Operated Floor Scrubber
The brush used with the RA 535 Battery Operated floor scrubbing machine.
Easy to change batteries on the Battery Operated floor scrubber machine known as the RA 535.

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