Clarke PBU 27 Dust Control Series Propane Burnisher
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PBU 27 Propane Burnisher - Dust Control

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Item Description:

Clarke PBU 27 Propane-Powered Burnisher

When you need a powerful floor machine to quickly burnish large surface areas to a high gloss, turn to the manufacturer who provides the most power available. The propane-powered burnishers are available in 21 inch and 27 inch path sizes, so you can choose the best floor burnisher to meet your productivity needs.

The Dust Control series offers a unique floating shroud that directs the high velocity airflow near the floor to collect six times as much dust as competitive models. The Dust Control Series Propane Burnisher offers suberb dust control for retail stores, office buildings, educational institutions, supermarkets and sports facilities.

  • Effective dust control eliminates dust on merchandise, reduces pad build-up
  • Powerful engine maintains speed under heavy loads
  • Flexible pad driver follows contour of uneven floors
  • Large 20 lb propane tank offers long working time between refills
  • Accomplishes high-gloss burninshing with the most power available
  • Completes large areas fast for high productivity
  • Reduces operator fatigue with ergonomic comfort
  • Catalytic converter for clean air exhaust
  • 80% safety fill tanks prevent overfilling
  • EPA and C.A.R.B approved
  • Electric clutch
  • CARB Guard emissions monitor

Warranty: 2 years parts & labor.

27KACATCLDC Specifications

  • Part Number: 56384168
  • Pad Size: 27 in
  • Pad Speed: 1,700 rpm
  • Engine: 603cc Kawasaki V-Twin
  • Propane Tank: 20 lb Capacity 80% Safety Fill
  • Sound Level: < 89 dB A
  • Productivity Rate: 33,000 sq ft/hr
  • Agency Approvals: EPA and C.A.R.B.
  • Weight: 268 lb
  • Dimensions: 61.5" L x 31.5" W x 41" H

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