Clarke Battery Powered Floor Scrubber - Focus II L20 BOOST
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Focus II L20 BOOST Battery Autoscrubber - 20"

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Item Description:

Focus II L20 BOOST Compact Auto Scrubber

The Focus II battery powered auto scrubber models are the first 20 inch auto scrubbers available with Clarke's revolutionary BOOST Technology. If you demand high levels of cleaning with the ultimate in green benefits, BOOST technology offers 70% reduction in water and chemicals, 40% increase in pad life, and an added benefit of chemical-free removal of floor finish, compared to traditional disc models.

No other manufacturer comes close to matching Clarke's combination of serious cleaning ability and green benefits in auto scrubbers. The Focus II automatic scrubber models are also available in 2 disc models. And all of the Focus II scrubbers feature important benefits such as low noise levels, improved user ergonomics, onboard chargers, breakaway squeegees and more.

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Key Features

  • Walk-Behind Automatic Scrubber - 20 inch (50 cm) BOOST
  • Power traverse forward and reverse
  • Pad holder, one each
  • 140 Ah maint-free (AGM) batteries, two each
  • Onboard battery charger 115 VAC / 24 VDC 13 A
BOOST Orbital

  • BOOST technology produces high speed agitation with small 1/4 inch orbits. The orbital scrubbing action cleans 6x more effectively than traditional disc scrubbers. That means not only chemical-free removal of floor finish, but huge cost and labor savings every day: up to 70% less water usage and chemical costs, 50% less dump-and-fill time, and 40% longer pad life!


What enhances its productivity?
  • Efficient utilization of solution
  • Compact design, large capacity
  • Easy on/off brush
  • Long run times
  • Solution and brush off in neutral
What makes it "green"?
  • Low sound level
  • Ergonomic design
  • AGM battery (optional)
  • Chemical-free floor finish removal with BOOST Technology
What are the safety features?
  • Security key switch
  • Safety yellow palm switches
  • Circuit breaker protection
What are the accessories?
  • Full line of brushes and pads
  • Battery Maintenance System
  • Replacement Squeegee Blade Kit
  • Hour meter kit
Part Number:
Scrub Head Type:
Cleaning Width:
20 Inch
Drive Type:
Power Traction
Working Voltage:
24 V DC
Standard Batteries (2):
12 V 130 Ah @ 20 hr rating (wet)
Battery Protection System:
Low voltage cut-off of brush and solution
Vacuum Motor Power:
0.5 hp, 2-stage tangential discharge
Solution & Recovery Tank:
14.5 gallon
Solution Flow:
0 - 0.3 gal/min
Brush Motor Power:
0.75 hp (560 W)
Brush Pressure:
40 & 75 lb
Disc, Pad, Brush Sizes:
14 x 20 in
Brush Speed:
2,250 RPM
Sound Level:
65.8 dB A
Onboard Charger:
51 in x 29 in x 42 in
Width (without squeegee):
20 in
Squeegee Width:
29.9 in
Agency Approval:
Polydur Body - 8 Years, Parts - 3 Years, Labor - 1 year, Batteries - 18 months prorated (90 days unconditional)

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