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Value Rotary Pad Driver - Blue - 12" Dia.

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Value Rotary Brush must come with EZ Snap Clutch Plates

12” Value Rotary Pad Driver

Floor Machine Short Trim Pad Driver

Replace the worn out pad driver on your floor machine with this Blue 12 inch diameter value rotary short trim pad driver.

12” Blue Short Trim Pad Driver Features

  • 0.5" long polypropylene bristles inevenly trimmed and widely spaced for excellent holding power.
  • Diameter: 12 Inches
  • Bristle Trim: 1-1/2 Inches
  • Bristle Material:Poly/Nylon


Value Rotary Brushes & EZ Snap Clutch Plates

Carlisle knows that proper floor cleaning and maintenance requires the right equipment and supplies. We couple our value rotary brushes and EZ Snap clutch plates to create a simple solution for floor maintenance. Combine all of their features and what you get is real, measurable cost savings along with “peace of mind” knowing you are doing what is right for the environment.


Exclusive patent pending EZ Snap Clutch Plates easily snap on and off the Value Rotary Brushes. The durable design has been tested for strength, toughness and fatigue resistance.


Rotary Brushes outlast floor pads 100 to 1 allowing you to save HUNDREDS, even THOUSANDS of dollars annually.

  • $7,200 - Annual Cost for 1,200 floor pads
  • $1,740 - Annual Cost for 12 floor brushes
  • &5,460 - Annual Savings


Value Rotary Floor Brushes offer an environmentally friendly option over floor pads. Our brushes outlast floor pads 100 to 1, creating less waste in pads and packaging.


Rotary brushes can’t be used on shiny floor surfaces for General Cleaning.


Carlisle’s Blue General Cleaning Brush provides cost savings, and is perfect for General Cleaning that leaves your oor shining!

Clutch Plates

Our innovative new clutch plates complete the EZ Snap Floor Care System. Our patent-pending design is made from acetal resin, among the strongest and stiffest of all thermoplastic materials. Available in a variety of styles, our clutch plates simply snap in and out of the value line of rotary brushes.

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