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Instant Hand Sanitizer Manual Dispenser - (6) 1000 ml Dispensers

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  • Manufacturer:Clorox Pro
  • Size:(6) 1000 ml Dispensers
  • Product Type:Instant Hand Sanitizer Dispenser
  • View All:Clorox Pro
  • UPC044600017525

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Item Description:

Clorox® Hand Sanitizer is part of the Clorox Commercial Solutions® brand that thousands of professionals across the globe trust for high-quality sanitizers and disinfectants that kill a broad spectrum of microorganisms when used as directed.

Its unique spray-form provides excellent hand coverage and the 71% ethyl alcohol formula contains a higher alcohol concentration than most hand sanitizers on the market today. Premium emollients, such as glycerin and glycerol monolaurate, keep hands moist and soft instead of leaving them greasy like gels and foams can.

  • The manual dispenser effectively dispenses a wide spray pattern that fully covers the skin, helping to reduce germs on your hands
  • The premeasured dose is activated with the push of a button
  • The spray form will not dry, clump or block nozzle like some other hand sanitizer forms
  • The nondrip dispenser helps prevent floor damage

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