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Big D Industries Granular Dry Deodorant Powder, Lemon Scent - (12) 16-oz. Cans

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  • Manufacturer:Big D Industries
  • Product Type:Dry Deodorant/Absorbent
  • Size:(12) 16 oz. Cans
  • SDS:Download SDS (PDF)

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Item Description:

Destroys odors and absorbs moisture in one operation! Designed to be sprinkled on and vacuumed or swept away. Excellent for garbage cans, dumpsters, pet shops and kennels.

  • The dried clay which forms Granular's base absorbs moisture rapidly and the Big D deodorant in it destroys all odors on contact.
  • Designed to be used on effected area such as vomit, feces, wet garbage and the like.
  • May be mixed with sand in smoking stands, or used as cat litter.

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