Multi-Bit Screwdriver - Auto Loader 2

  • Manufacturer:Sicom

Item Description:

Auto Loader 2 Multi-Bit Screwdriver

The Auto Loader 2 Multi-Bit Screwdriver is the easiest autoloading 6 bit screwdriver ever created! It is composed of all high grade metal component construction. It has chemical and shock resistant plastics. By design, it is comfortable and has an anti-roll handle.

The pump-action multi-bit changer works by extending the handle, twisting until your bit is lined up with the arrow and then close the handle.


  • Changes screw driver bits in seconds
  • Screwdriver bit tips are magnetic for easily keeping track of your screws
  • Choose from 6 industrial grade screwdriver bits
  • The bit loads are customizable meaning they can be switched out for another bit to make your life easier

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