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Misty Glass & Mirror Cleaner w/ Ammonia - RTU - (4) 1 Gallon Bottles

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Item Description:

Ammoniated Glass & Mirror Cleaner RTU

This versatile product is ideal for the cleaning and maintenance professional. Easily cleans windows, glass, windshields, mirrors, displays, counters and other reflective surfaces while removing dirt, grease, oil, smudges, finger prints, lipstick and other stubborn deposits.

The ammonia fortified formula uses advanced surfactant chemistry to provide maximum cleaning power without streaking, smearing, hazing or leaving behind any residue or film. Use this product in commercial & institutional cleaning, manufacturing, during installations and other applications where professional performance and quality are required.

The product is safe to use on most hard surfaces and materials.

  • Ammoniated Formula
  • RTU - no diluting necessary
  • No Streaking, Hazing, Smearing or Residue
  • UPC: 723783400217

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