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DampRid Moisture Absorber - 64 oz

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  • Accessory For:Areas with High Moisture Traffic
  • Product Type:Dehumidifiers
  • Manufacturer:Duracell
  • UPC075919000502

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Item Description:

64 oz. Air Dehumidifier

Patent pending Moisture-Lock spill resistor technology. Locks in moisture through cover. Brine absorbing medium absorbs liquid to prevent spills. Can be used on the go or in stationary areas. Safety-sealed cover keeps contents in, pets and children out. Long-lasting - up to 6 months. Long term storage in boats, RV's, cabins, crawl spaces, basements, etc. Prevents mold and mildew stains. Protects from moisture damage. Reduces allergens and eliminates odors caused by moisture.

4 lb. (64 oz.) bucket

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