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AeroGreen Antibacterial Foam Soap - Transparent Black - Value Pack

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Your Price: $74.85
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  • Capacity:1 Liter
  • Fragrance:Light Floral Scent
  • Includes:
    • (8) 1 Liter Cartridges
    • (2) 1 Liter Soap Dispensers
  • Product Type:Antibacterial Foaming Soap & Dispenser
  • Manufacturer:deb SBS
  • SDS:Download SDS (PDF)
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Item Description:

Value Pack Includes: (8) 1 Liter Cartridges & (2) 1 Liter Restyle Curve Transparent Black Dispensers

Light-green, antibacterial foam lotion soap with a mild scent. It is 99.99% effective against most common bacteria and is perfectly suited for the healthcare, hospitality, and food preparation industries.

  • Foam soap provides over 1,400 handwashings per cartridge - which means fewer cartridge change-outs
  • Mildly scented: Fresh, light floral scent
  • Ideal for environments where antibacterial soap is crucial
  • The Aero Foam Soap System cartridge and dispenser are protected by US Patent Nos. 5445288 and 6082586

The leader in foam soap technology, DEB SBS offers a high quality, antibacterial foam soap with triclosan. 99.99% effective in killing common germs and bacteria. This product has a fresh light floral fragrance and contains moisturizers and emollients for the skin making it ideal for frequent use environments.

Recommended for public restrooms, patient rooms, and any non-acute area of a medical facility. Foam spreads rapidly across the hands for more thorough coverage and provides more handwashings per cartridge.

According to the Center for Disease Control and the US Department of Health and Human Services, “Handwashing is the single most important procedure for preventing the spread of infection. Strict adherence to clean-hand policies alone could prevent the deaths of up to 20,000 patients each year."

  • Perfectly suited for the healthcare, hospitality and food preparation industries
  • More handwashings, fewer cartridge change outs. Each 1-liter cartridge provides up to 1,400 handwashings
  • Foam covers the skin faster than traditional liquid soaps
  • Foam lathers instantly, so less water is used and wash time is cut in half!

Restyle Curve Soap Dispenser

All Deb soap dispensers are Biocote protected. Biocote is a silver-based anitmicrobial agent that is incorporated into the dispenser components at the time of manufacture and inhibits the growth of a broad spectrum of bacteria and molds. Biocote will not wear out or rub off over time, making it effective for the lifetime of the dispenser.

Features & Benefits

  • Previously known as a ProLine Soap Dispenser
  • Large Push Buttons - Can be hand or elbow operated; easy-to-use
  • Fixed Shot Sizes - Delivers the exact amount required, controlling usage and reduces waste
  • Deb System Cartridges - Replaces in seconds, reducing maintenance time and costs
  • Ultrasonically Sealed Cartridges - Allows no ingress of air into cartridge during use and prevents product contamination
  • No Wastage - Cartridges are designed to collapse during use
  • Recyclable Cartridges - All cartridge components are made of fully recyclable materials
  • Locking Mechanism - Prevents unauthorized access, pilferage and product contamination
  • Sight Glass - Indicates level of product in cartridge
  • Guaranteed for Life - Re-assurance of quality and reduces ongoing costs
  • Durable Plastic Bodies - Withstands high levels of wear and tear

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