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SaniSense Sanitary Bin Deodorizer - (12) 50 Metered Bottles

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  • Manufacturer:Technical Concepts/Rubbermaid
  • Accessory For:TC/Rubbermaid Sanitary Disposal Bin
  • Product Type:Bin Deodorizer
  • Size:(12) 50 Metered Dosage Bottles / 32oz Bottles
  • SDS:Download SDS (PDF)
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Item Description:

Effective for up to eight weeks, SaniSense automatically activates when sanitary waste is placed in the Sanitary Bin. Pathogens and harmful bacteria are deactivated and restrained from multiplying, ensuring safe storage of soiled dressings.

Unlike traditional deodorizers that merely camouflage, Technical Concepts eliminates odors with Microtrans. A blend of chemistry and physics, Microtrans locks on to malodor molecules, kills bad odors and maintains freshness.

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